Is your iron ready for the scrap heap? Is the soleplate full of baked smudges? Does it not slide on the fabric? RELAX! Cleaning your old iron can be quick, easy, and without any harsh chemicals!










Cleaning the soleplate with crystal salt

 Cleaning the soleplate with crystal salt

Prepare the ironing board and place a cotton cloth on top . All the dirt and filthwhich are now on your iron will eventually end up in the cloth, so make sure you choose one you don't care about!


 crystal salt

Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt on the cloth surface, the bigger pieces of salt the better.



Turn on the iron to maximum heat.



Iron the surface of the cloth with salt using gentle pressure. After a short time, dirt will stick to the salt and the soleplate  will become brightly clean.



Cleaning your iron with vinegar and salt

Cleaning your iron with vinegar and salt

Take equal parts of white vinegar and salt and heat them together on the stove on medium heat. Wait until the salt has dissolved completely, but do not let the solutionl start to cook. It won't smell nice, but it will perfectly clean the soleplate.

the optimal temperature setting on your water heater 

Take the solution off the stove and let it cool down a little (but not too much,  as it has to be warm). TIP: Put on protective  gloves so your hands won't smell like vinegar for the rest of the day.


Find an old towel. Start wiping the soleplate off with towel soaked in vinegar & salt solution. For big burn spots, you can use a soft brush. But don't use a wire brush! Wire brushes may scratch the surface of the soleplate, which creates  small scratches that will eventually make ironing difficult (and less enjoyable!)


At the end clean up the rest of the solution from your soleplate with vinegar only ( NOT THE VINEGAR&SALT SOLUTION )