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freequoteFusion Cleaning offers exceptional pressure washing services in Orange County California.  We are committed to helping homeowners maintain their property investments by extending the life of house exteriors,  driveways, walkways, patios

pool decks, wood fences and decks,  concrete, brick, pavers, and most stone.

How We Work

When we arrive, we do a complete walk-through of your property, inspecting every area that you would like washed (we'll also recommend areas you may not have thought of). Next, we will give you a complete estimate of the job. One we have your approval, we will begin the work at a time and date most convenient for you. Depending on the jo (siding, fences, etc.) we will choose the appropriate size pressure washer and nozzles. Our pressure washing team are experts in using these machines and know how to quickly and efficiently remove dirt and grime without damaging your property. Finally, when we are done we will quickly clean up our materials and do another walk-thru showing you the difference a professional power washing makes in the appearance of your home.

Power Stripping

If you are in the process of renovating or repainting your home, let us come in with our commercial grade machines and power wash the surfaces. These high grade pressure machines can strip paint, remove graffitti, as well as prepare surfaces for stucco. We can power strip commercial sites as well as residential homes. The bottom line is if you need a professional power wash anywhere in Orange County, Fusion Cleaning is the "clean" choice!