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Window Cleaning Services Free QuoteWhen it comes to professional window cleaning in Orange County, Fusion Cleaning is here! We'll make your windows, solar panels, mirrors, glass fences, shower doors sparkle again. Our deionizing water system with water-fed poles will clean every single window up to three stories tall. Ask about window cleaning as a part of our Spring Cleaning Package!

Window washing is about much more than just pull out the screens, wash windows in & out, snapped the screens back and leave.

  • Our window cleaning service starts before we even enter your home. (We take off our shoes to keep your floors clean!)
  • We can inspect all window screens, blinds and windows and let you know which ones need to be fixed. ( Dirty window screens are always carefully places on the towel - never on your floor )
  • We use environmentally friendly soap and micro fiber cloth to hand-wash both sides of your window screens. (Putting back dirty screens on clean windows, is like throwing your money away!)
  • We completely clean both inside and outside and when we say "completely," we really mean the whole window. First we clean the window handles and frames and then we clean the glass itself.
  • Finally, we clean window tracks and window sills.

After we're finished, it's the time to put back window screens and double check the windows to make sure they are sparkling and and streak-free.

The choice is yours: you can either have a quick window washing job or a professional window cleaning service from Fusion Cleaning. Contact us today for a free quote! 


Window blinds can add value and beauty to a home, but can look dingy when covered in dust. Cleaning them yourself is a pain and you risk damaging the slats. Instead, let Fusion Cleaning dust off your blinds. We can add blinds cleaning to our window washing services for a nominal fee.


Are your screens torn or falling apart? Are they missing entirely? Don't let flies and bugs in, let Fusion Cleaning repair and replace your screens! Contact us for a free quote today!